happy belated memorial day!

This weekend the Hubs, my momma, my baby sister, and I drove out to Ft. Riley, Kansas to surprise my nieces with a Memorial Day weekend visit! Of course, my big sister, Beth, and her husband, Jonathan, knew we were coming but Mary Grace and Laci had no idea...and the smiles on their faces were totally worth the 15-hour drive from Georgia (whew!).

It was kind of perfect visiting the base during this particular holiday, and getting to know more about my sister's life there with other military families.We got to listen to them share stories about their husbands serving together in Afghanistan, and some of them were really tough to comprehend. I can't imagine waiting on pins and needles like that every day for my husband, hoping and praying he wouldn't be hurt or killed in combat. But I'm grateful for their service- both the women and the men- and for what they've sacrificed to care for their families and help protect our nation.

More than anything, it was such a blessing to have my sister open her home to us and do so much to make our visit as wonderful as it was. I spent most of our time there with my little sister and our nieces, just playing around, taking pictures, singing songs, and getting dressed up.

Laci borrowed my glasses for most of the weekend and hardly ever took them off.
I'd say she knows how to rock them way better than I do! 

We all went swimming and fishing, took a trip to the fair, rode the Ferris Wheel (and maybe had a funnel cake!), and ate lots of hamburgers and cupcakes. We also tried our best to catch a little turtle, but it was too smart for us. And then just maybe we played the Wii and I beat husband at canoeing.

I was pretty proud of my victory.

Oh, and on our way home yesterday (we left my sister's house at one a.m.), we drove through St. Louis and we got to see the famous Arch! Pierce and I were like little kids, hopping out of the car and running across the street to take some quick pics in our pajamas.

And then, when we FINALLY got home to our apartment in Atlanta at 6:30 p.m., Hubby and I said hi to my cousin, played with the animals for about 5 minutes, and passed out. We slept straight through the night until our alarms went off at 7 a.m...and, I tell ya, that 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep was fan-freakin-tastic.

Hope y'all enjoyed your weekend!

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