Excerpt from Marie Astor's Novel Lucky Charm

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I've got a treat to share with y'all today! It's an excerpt from Marie Astor's latest novel Lucky Charm and I'm stoked for you guys to read it. Check it out below:

"I'm not going to cry," Annabel chanted to herself as she opened the front door of her apartment. "Not going to cry," she repeated her mantra once again as she took her shoes off. She walked inside and took a seat on the couch. It was only half past six - still plenty of the night left to fill. Suddenly, she wished she had taken her mother up on her offer — she could have stayed in her old room, slept in her old bed like she used to when she still lived in her parents' house, and pretend that she was back to the time before Jeremy. Instead, she was alone, surrounded by the ghosts of her life with Jeremy. Almost everything in the apartment reminded her of him: the TV table they bought together at a flea market and lugged home for ten long blocks, their hands numb with the weight, but their faces shining with smiles; the ridiculously expensive coffee maker that Jeremy had insisted on buying because of his absolute need to have espresso in the morning; the teddy bear clutching a velvet heart that Jeremy had given her for last year’s Valentine’s day – the list was endless.

She tried to remember bits and pieces of break up advice from women's magazines: not that she had paid any attention to them at the time — she did not have a reason to. Phrases like ‘recreate yourself’ and ‘enjoy the new space in your life,’ surfaced in her mind, but right now the space in her life felt as vacant as a black hole, and as much as she would have liked to, she simply could not think of a way to enjoy it. I'll start small, she thought, I'll start by reorganizing my closet - it might be a cliché, but there was nothing like chores for getting your mind off things. She got off the couch and bravely opened the cramped closet that she had shared with Jeremy for the past six years. The left side had been his and the right side had been hers; now, the left side was completely empty with her clothes still bunched in together on the right side of the rack. She smiled weakly, remembering Jeremy's complaining about his shirts getting crumpled: he always took a slightly bigger share of the space. Well, now the entire closet was hers.

With one sweeping motion of her hand, Annabel pushed apart the tightly pressed hangers, spreading her small, but tasteful collection of clothes over the rack. At least now she would no longer have to iron the creases out of her outfits in the mornings. Then, she reached for the storage bags on the floor that she used for her seasonal clothes - she had actually bought those vacuum storage bags that they advertised in TV infomercials. Well, with all this extra space, there was no need for them now. It was already almost the end of April, and before you knew it, summer would be there, so why not unpack the summer clothes? Now was as good a time as any.

Annabel spent the next three hours ironing and hanging up her creased summer outfits. By ten o'clock she finished reorganizing her closet: everything was in place, with plenty of space left between hangers. Well, at least she had managed to reclaim the extra closet space; no doubt, it was only a small step, but it was enough to spark a small hope that maybe, just maybe, she would find a way to reclaim the rest of her life in time.

Sound like something you'd like to get your hands on? You can purchase your own copy here from Goodreads or here from Amazon.

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