Double D

No, not THOSE kind of double Ds.


I'm talking denim-on-denim. That's right. I went there.

I haven't worn this style since...oh...third grade, but I think it's making a comeback.

And if it's not, well, then I just spent the whole day walking around looking like an eight-year old who belongs back in 1993.

Maybe that's why that mean guy yelled at me today. He was confused by the sight of an eight-year old driving a car.

It all makes sense now.

Please forgive my terribly lacking toes. No polish, no buffing, no nothing.
They are not pretty, but my shoes are, so there.


Elizabeth Keene said...

I love this simple yet chic look. I have been looking for a denim button up for the longest time!

My name is Wendi! said...

Thank you so much! I actually got this shirt from Goodwill :). You can always find great stuff there if you dig around enough!