date night

I think it's official.

I think the Hubs and I...are old.

Last night, I was really craving some good Southern comfort food, but I wasn't really sure what we'd be able to find up here in Brookhaven. Most of the good places are closer to downtown. But I found a restaurant called The Colonnade on Yelp and we decided to give it a shot.

Well...that was a bust. Not only was it was smack dab in the middle of a street overflowing with strip clubs, it was filled with people aged 60 and above and did not take credit cards. I guess they wanted us to make it rain for some fried chicken, but we don't really like carrying around single bills.

So we finally ended up at Roasters, which was the best choice anyway, seeing as how it's right on Piedmont and we've eaten there before. Plus, they've got some amazing macaroni and cheese and that's all I need to hear if you ever want to make me eat somewhere. Just say "great macaroni and cheese" and I'm sold.

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