trivia champs 2.0

Looks like Rocky Mountain Pizza has new trivia champs.

Gentlemen, meet the ladies.

The couples in our Bible study like to go out for trivia every once in awhile and the last time we went, the women got beat. The guys got third place and we were way behind.

This time, the women got third and the men had to go home crying.

And I've been milking it for all it's worth. We're pretty competitive around here.

Rainy day in Atlanta.

Veggie pizza. So good.

Love this girl.

The Gingers.

The Lose...ahem...Husbands.

The Champs (with our $5 gift card)!


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Congrats on your trivia victory!! :)

My name is Wendi! said...


A "cheery" disposition said...

mmm veggie pizzas are the best! Can't go wrong with pizza and trivia nights!

Anonymous said...

great blog!

My name is Wendi! said...

Thanks everyone! Man, I love having all these new people comment. Makes me happy :).