Fernbank Friday

If you've ever been to Atlanta, perhaps you've visited the Fernbank Museum

It's pretty much a staple for every elementary and middle school in the metro area as far as field trips go. I went there once in 4th grade and had a picnic on the lawn. In 8th grade, I went back and watched an IMAX documentary on the Titanic. 

(And this is totally off course, but did you know that in two days it will be the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking?  No? Well, you do now. I'm such a nerd.)

Tonight, the Arthur Blank Foundation (of which the Atlanta Falcons are affiliated) hosted an IMAX and Martini night. I was practically in heaven when we went into the theater to watch "The Greatest Places" and dine on bruschetta and lemon custard (among other things).

And, no matter where we go, silly pictures will inevitably follow.

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