Hi friends!

After a wonderful, full night's sleep and a morning of spring cleaning, the Hubby and I got dressed and went out to spend another beautiful Saturday in our city.

We were supposed to meet our realtor at five to look at an adorable shotgun house in Cabbagetown (the seller's realtor later cancelled), and since we had some hours to burn, we had lunch at Chipotle and then drove over to the historic Oakland Cemetery where over 70,000 Atlantans are buried. It's such a beautiful place, and, in true Victorian fashion, it was created with the idea in mind that cemeteries are as much for the living as they are for the dead. We were hardly the only couple out for an afternoon stroll among the headstones. And it was lovely. I've lived within a hour of this city my entire life (except during my four years at Georgia Southern) and I've always overlooked how much amazing history is here.

Our last name is Nunnery. This is the closest thing we've ever
seen to it.

3,000 unknown Confederate soldiers.

Isn't this just beautiful? It's the lion who guards, as you can see, the unknown
Confederate dead and it was erected in 1894. It's the largest sculpture
made of marble in Georgia. Every time I look at it I think of Aslan and
The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

That old factory in the distance is now the Fulton County Mill Lofts,
where two of our friends live. Grant Park and Cabbagetown were
neighborhoods built around it in the late 19th century for the people who
worked in the factory.

Don't these door knockers conjure images of Marley in A Christmas Carol?
(I'm a writer! I can't help it.)

So excited to finally see her resting place.

Don't know who this is...just loved the name.

Bobby Jones', who was apparently a legendary
pro golfer (hence, the golf balls). I think my husband was
a bit ashamed I didn't know who he was. 
Beautiful epitaph: "Died in the triumph of Christian hope...to him
death had no sting...the grave no victory."

Famous restaurant just outside the cemetery entrance.

I really hope we find a house in this area. It's just a fantastic community of eclectic young couples
and professionals, and it's filled with so much diversity and history. It's got everything we love so- if you would- please keep us in your prayers as we look for the home where God desires to use us best.

Happy weekend!

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