a birthday for jillian

One of my very best friends in the world had a birthday yesterday.

On Saturday, we had a blast celebrating at Taqueria Tsunami on the Marietta square and, later, at the party Heather hosted for Jillian. There was lots of good food, Little Mermaid decorations, flip cup games, and pretty much the most amazing birthday cake ever (courtesy of Mrs. Sara Perpall!).

We almost didn't eat it. It was just that gorgeous. It captured quintessential "Jillian" perfectly.

I just love good times with friends. And I miss Jillian when she goes home to St. Simon's, but that's what birthdays (and Facebook and Skype...which I'm still learning how to use) are for! :)

Sara's beautiful baby girl, Mackenzie.

The hand-carved turtle I bought for Jillian in Kenya.
Along with The Little Mermaid, Vera Bradley, and anything
related to her kick-ass profession, Jillian loves turtles.


Ruby Girl said...

fun pics, looks like a blast, espesh the hula hoop action. oh yea. :) xoxo linds of www.rubygirlblog.com

My name is Wendi! said...

Thanks ruby! Btw, I love your blog! I found you awhile back on the Fashion and Faith link Kenzie Faith has on her blog. So cute!