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I found this on About Him + Her, a very cute blog (though not quite as cute as The Rockstar Diaries!), and I thought it looked like a good time.

[Here are the rules: 1. Post 11 random things about yourself and a photo of yourself 2. Answer the 11 questions posted. 3. Make up 11 of your own questions and tag other bloggers]

Here goes:

Proof of #9 below

11 Things:

1. I auditioned for an Oscar Meyer commercial when I was eleven. I sang the song and signed it in ASL (my mom is an interpreter). I didn't get the part (otherwise, I would proudly post a YouTube video of my eleven-year old self here), but it sure was fun!
2. My husband's middle name is Ray. My middle name is Kay. His dad's middle name is Ray. And his mother's middle name is Kay. Pierce's parents have been married for 40 years. I think this is a good omen.
3. I got baptized at the age of seven. I made the decision on my own because I chose to accept Jesus as my Savior. I think it's the only reason a person should be baptized. Otherwise, what is the public profession for?
4. I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue.
5. I'm afraid my babies will get all of our weird features and not be cute like my friend's (and my siblings') babies. (Admit it. You've been afraid of this, too.) Does that make me a terrible mother before I even am one? 
6. I am conservative. But I am not a Republican. (Sorry Dad!)
7. I hate this phrase: "You went to GA Southern? Isn't that a party school?" The next person who says that to me might actually get a punch in the face.
8. I got my belly-button pierced the day I turned 18. I took it out when I turned 23.
9. I'm a huge fan of the Disney channel. And all Disney movies. (Especially ones that involve princesses)
10. I think pregnant bellies are scary. (But only when they're naked! They're cute when they've got clothes on.)
11. I am OCD (Yes, I was diagnosed.) but I have a hard time not judging others who are, as well.

11 Questions Asked:

1. Who do you most admire?
That's a tough one. My dad. My mom. My aunt, Mamer. My husband. All for different reasons.
2. What's one food will you NOT eat?
Brussel sprouts. (Still to this day!)
3. What's something you love the most about yourself?
My legs!
4. If you knew you had one day to live, what would you do?
I would call everyone and tell them I love them. And then I would spend all day laughing and being silly and singing songs. I don't think death is anything to be afraid of.
5. Where is your favorite place to be?
The beach. (!!!)
6. What new years resolution have you already broken?
Exercise. I'm so terrible at it.

7. What moves your soul the most?

Music. Good stories. LOVE in tangible, unexpected, barrier-breaking forms.

8. Why did you start blogging?
Because I'm a voyeurist. (Not really! But I am a compulsive confessor who likes to feel connected with people and blogging has helped me do that with some really awesome bloggers very far away!)
9. What's your most embarrassing moment?
Changing key when I sang the national anthem in 2004.
10. What's one of your biggest fears?
Wasting the time God has given me to serve Him and show others the love of the Savior.
11. If you could spend a day with anyone, past or present, who would it be? :)
Ooohh...this is always hard, too. Anne Frank. Esther. My great-great-great-grandfather. 

11 Questions for You:

1. Where is one place you would never travel to?
2. Are you a fan of The Shawshank Redemption? (If not, I need to know why!)
3. Favorite Saturday Night Live character?
4. Who is one celebrity you would like to hang out with for a day?
5. Go-to Starbucks order?
6. What's the craziest food you've ever eaten?
7. What is your biggest dream?
8. Why did you start blogging?
9. What kind of qualities are most important to you in a friend?
10. What are some of your daily blog reads?
11. What is your secret talent?

Tag! You're it!


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I most definitely think the middle names are a good omen!!

C.Curley said...

I feel the SAME way about the GA Southern party school image!!! It's been haunting me since I first decided to go there. I was actually embarrassed to tell people at my high school b/c most of my peers were going to UGA or GCSU and thought of GA Southern as a joke. It makes me so mad! I love GA Southern SO much!!

My name is Wendi! said...

To be honest, most people had never heard of GSU when I decided to go there. And I had never heard of its rep as a party school. It bothers me so badly because GSU is way more than some school out in the middle of nowhere. It's a tradition...it's a love of community...it's historic...it's incredible professors and students alike. It's HOME.