kiss us, we're scottish

Hi friends!

My daddy's 50th birthday is Tuesday, so this weekend we surprised him at my Aunt Christy's house with a little party. He thought it was for her husband, Scott, but, alas, that's what he gets for thinking (tehe).

My big sister, Beth, also drove in from Kansas with her girls, Mary Grace and Laci, to see us! I haven't seen them since they moved in November and it was so wonderful to get the whole day with them. They are my favorites and I love them.

My aunt even made Daddy a birthday cake with the Barclay family crest and the family tartan (we're Scottish and very proud of it). I wish my brother could have been there to see it, since he's been talking about a buying a kilt for about two years.

Needless to say, it was a great party and a great day!

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