happy weekend!

Hi friends!

I'm so thankful for friends, for good food, and for establishments like Plato's Closet.

I'm also very thankful for a full house and lots of love. 

This weekend, the Hubby and I've got to go to dinner at Loca Luna with some of our dear friends from college for Lauren's birthday. It was supposed to be a surprise, but she guessed it :). No worries, though, because everyone at the table got their own little surprise soon after when some unexpectedly wonderful news was dropped...but that will have to wait until later!

Saturday, I spent two and a half hours cleaning our bedroom, bathroom, and my closet, and I realized just how blessed we are...we've got so much stuff! So I filled up a whole bag of clothes to donate, as well as some books and housewares to pass on. We really don't need all the things we have. Plus, it helps me see better what I own and take the time to finish one of my DIY projects that's been in-process for months!

Um, I think I need a trim. 
Saturday night was dinner out at Seasons 52 for Buckhead Restaurant Week, where Hubby and I talked about our plan of action for a new venture in our lives: buying a house! There's so much to talk through, and pray about, but I think we've finally got a plan of action together, and it was sort of fun talking through this slightly scary, but still wonderful adventure we're going on together!

{YUM! Red Velvet, Rocky Road, and Bailey's Irish Coffee}
I'm headed back to church here in a bit to see my IO girls. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

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