today is a writing day

Credit: Madison Belle

So my manuscript has taken a back seat over the last few days. I've only gotten about another thousand words on it (mostly because I've been too busy chewing up Joshilyn Jackson's newest A Grown Up Kind of Pretty...breathtaking, per usual) but I plan on using every spare moment to make some headway on it today.

Do you ever just feel like you're too interested in too many things? That's me, every day, all the time. I wonder, "How am I supposed to work a full eight hours, commute two hours, keep my house clean, make dinner, dig into the Word and spend some quiet time with the Lord, read books, blog, iron my clothes, spend time with friends and family, work out, AND write?" And most of these things are actual needs, not just wants! Usually this is when I go off and state I simply need to be a housewife and write novels full-time from home. Which is certainly something I want. But, seriously, that's not going to happen tomorrow and I can't keep waiting for there to be more than 24 hours in a day. I need to make a strict schedule, which I've always been opposed to because I am SO not Type-A (in most cases), but it's the only thing I haven't actually tried. I need to replace my bad habit of trying to do so many things at once with a schedule that allows me to fully devote myself to said things during an alloted time.

Whew. I'm kind of exhausted just from writing all of that. Hope it's clearer than mud because I'm already confused.

So I'm thinking that everyday, after work, I will focus on specific things that must get done and then make time for what I want to do. I'll put the "rocks in first" and let the sand fill in the cracks, so to speak. Saturdays are always our free days, so I absolutely refuse to do anything I don't want to do then. Sundays are already tightly scheduled, so they don't count. Here's a list of my M-F, post work day, schedule:


              6:30- Arrive home (God willing 285 is not a parking lot!) and walk/feed animals
              6:45- Clean up necessary areas/take out trash/wash dishes/whatever is needed
              7:15- Change clothes and make dinner (and, if necessary or not done already, blog while
                       dinner cooks)
              7:45- Dinner time!
              8:30- Clean up dishes
              8:45- Bible Study
              9:30- Pick out clothes/make lunch/get ready for bed
              10:00- Read/write
              10:45- Sleep time!


              6:30- Arrive home and walk/feed animals
              6:45- Clean up necessary areas/take out trash/ wash dishes/whatever is needed
              7:15- Work out
              8:00- Shower and do homework
              8:30- Dinner time! (Pierce and I alternate)
              9:00- Clean up dishes
              9:15- Finish homework and get ready for the next day (lunch/clothes/brush teeth/wash face)
              9:45- Read/write
              10:45- Sleep time!

Fridays are date nights or times we meet up with friends. On Saturday, anything goes, so I'm going to try and work more writing time in (after I make up for the sleep I miss during the week). Sundays are church, church, church days so I'm not very successful at trying to fit anything else in, nor do I want to try.

Oh, I just realized it's lunch time! Time to go write.

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