Hi friends!

I hope you all had a fantabulous weekend. I know I did!

I got to spend Friday night helping my small group girls from InsideOut head out for MyLife '12. It's one of our biggest events of the year, where all the high school students from each of the Northpoint Ministries campuses get together for the weekend to celebrate Jesus and connect on real issues. This weekend the theme was "Ladies and Gentlemen" and the speakers touched on everything from love and sex to dating and relationships. 

Powerful stuff, people. I wish you could have been there.

I had finals and homework this weekend, so unfortunately I had to miss most of Saturday, but I did get to attend the Saturday night session on "Let's Get Physical" (i.e. the sex talk) and WOW. So good. I love that our church doesn't shy away from the tough stuff and they know how to make the message relevant to teenagers. Because it's what these students are dealing with and what they're trying to understand. I'm glad I'm a part of a ministry that cares enough about these students to invest in mentoring and preparing them to deal with these issues.

{This sign, which goes almost to the ceiling and covers the entire stage,
was laid out flat for all the students and leaders to write, in big, bold
letters what kind of person they want to be in their relationships,
what kind of change they're praying for in their lives, and what
they hope to become for their future spouses. Let's just say there were
a few tears. Such an incredible moment when this banner
was raised.}

All in all, the weekend was AWESOME. I wish I could tell you about some of the conversations we had together as a group, but I've got to keep those memories in my heart. 

Last night, Pierce and I went on a little date with our small group to the Atlanta Fish Market, where I got to taste a little filet mignon and and cheesecake. And then I had to loosen my cute little belt. 

It was a good time, as always.

{MyLife Photo Credit: Shannon White}

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