Six (!) years ago, I spent a summer abroad in Greece with some of the most amazing people I've ever known.

I got to see magical places that exist for some in only books. I got to sit on the stone steps of the Areopagus where Paul preached to the Athenians two thousand years ago. I could almost hear his words as though he were still speaking. I swam in the Aegean Sea. I stood in a quiet forest and listened to the words of Shakespeare get carried through the air to the very tip-top steps of the Theater of Epidavros. I marveled at this creation God made for me to enjoy. I watched Greek orthodox monks play on their cell phones and eat at McDonald's and laughed at how small this world really is, if we think about it. And how big. And how wonderful.

Today, I heard "Hello" by Evanescence, a song that got me through some of the lonely times in Greece, and I just thought I would share a bit of my wonderful journey with you.

Thanks for coming along! I'll go back anytime you want to go on an adventure.

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