Saturday in the City

Looks my re-design is postponed a few days on account of the loveliness here in Atlanta. The weather has gone from being rainy and eerily foggy to bright and crisp and sunny. So Hubby and I took Bella out for a day at Piedmont Park where she could enjoy the company of other sweet puppies (including two other Huskies!).

My Kindle First Generation with Pierce's copy of Creative Loafing Atlanta.
Lunchtime dichotomy for nerds.


★ JASMINE ★ said...

cute blog hun! can't wait to read more!
found you while "blog walking" and thought i would say a hello!

happy to be your newest follower ♥♥♥
-- would love it if you could visit me and follow back sometime ?

hugs, xo

Writer. Wife. Wanderer. said...

Well, thank you! I LOVE having new followers to share with! I'll be sure to come visit and follow you, as well <3.