Maybe I want to be a figure skater?

Hi friends!

Last weekend, Hubby and I went ice-skating in Piedmont Park.

We also made a bet that he would fall more times than me. He believed he would and so did I guess it was really a bet on exactly how many more times he would fall.

Unfortunately, as it turns out my husband is quite graceful on the ice once he gets those first few wobbly minutes out of the way.

I am sad to say that although I was the first to do a little pirouette (though I'm not sure it actually counts as such because I wasn't exactly in proper form, based on my years of watching the Olympics...somebody go ask Nancy Kerrigan!), I was also the first to fall.

Actually, I was the only one to fall. Despite multiple slips and near-misses, Hubby never landed on his ass.

I did...and I have the bruise to prove it. At least I fell in my attempt to NOT run over a little kid. That counts for something, right?

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