Growing Roots

I like to be scheduled. I like routine. But- then again- I hate to be stuck to the same old thing all the time. I suppose you could just say I like to know what's happening each day, but I'm not really concerned about when said things happen. I'm a free spirit who also enjoys a little bit of the routine that makes marriage and home life a bit more lovely.

That being said, I admire my friend Maria for uprooting her life here in Atlanta to join her husband- Nate- in Miami. I admire Nate for his courage and determination in the face of what I imagine can feel like overwhelming obstacles at times. I admire them both for pursuing God's best full-steam ahead, often when they aren't sure which direction He's taking them. They have taught Pierce and I so much about living out our faith.

Nate was offered a pretty awesome job in Miami and I know it's been a challenge for both of them in many ways: preparing for the move while still maintaining some sort of normalcy here at work and with friends; applying for jobs and interviewing; working to sublet their apartment and find temporary housing for Nate until Maria arrives in Miami next month. It's not the first time they've left home to start anew; in fact, Atlanta is a far cry from their years together at Purdue. But I know they're strong, and I know they've got the wisdom the the Spirit to give them discernment when the answers aren't quite clear. And they've always got us- and our group- to fall back on if they need to. We love them lots.

I know we're going to miss them terribly. We met at Buckhead Church, where we joined a married couple's small group and Nate and Maria became our group leaders. We've spent the last year and a half sharing stories, praying for one another, laughing together, trying new restaurants, dressing up and going out, chilling in our scrubs and staying in, holding each other accountable, and encouraging one another.

They are our dear friends- the VanDemans- and we're so thankful God brought them to us.

We miss you both already.

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