Your life is a light

Something is bothering me. Something really important.

In recent weeks, I've read five different news articles about young men and women taking their own lives. And I just keep thinking, "How is this happening?"

Why aren't we raising our children to love others, no matter how different another person might live or think or feel? Why aren't we listening when someone cries for help? Why aren't we praying for God's comfort and strength? Why aren't we caring what happens in the hearts of our little sisters and brothers, friends, nieces, nephews, and neighbors?


I'm not exactly sure what I can do beyond what I've already mentioned. But I know this problem is not something we should take lightly...especially if we call ourselves followers of Christ.

It is not okay.

I want you to know your life is important. You matter. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you. Don't listen to them. Call me and I'll remind you.

You are a light. Your life has meaning and value.

You are loved.

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