Words in Print

Lots of people ask me what I do at my job.

The short answer is I deal with ever-changing deadlines and try my best to create content worthy of being used in spite of this issue.

A more detailed answer is that I write scripts, television promo spots, ad content, and even product content for our clients, who are pastors and different Christian ministries.

I work to please the Lord, even above our clients. I'm not sure I always succeed, but I try.

Sometimes it's easy. And sometimes it's a challenge.

And sometimes it brings me so much joy, I have to share it with all of you.

I recently completed work on a devotional for one of our clients. This will be sold as a companion product to one of her sermons for people who would like to purchase it after watching her show.

Since the devotional is prose and not direct response (meaning it's written like you would read in a book and not how a voice-over would speak it in an ad spot), I was truly able to lose myself in the work. The message was amazing, and I pulled content directly from her sermon in order to convey a message true to both her ministry and Scripture. Even though the devotional is a small book, it usually ends up around 30 pages total and it only took me two days to complete.

Normally it takes about four.

I'm sharing this with my readers because I finally accepted that, while I don't always agree with the presentation of a certain Scripture or a pastor's interpretation of it, I do agree with his or her overall goal: to share the message of a redeeming Lord who died and saved us from ourselves...to expand His Kingdom and show His love to the world...and to reveal that we are not alone in this life and- most incredibly- that we are adored by a Savior who doesn't need to love us but still wants to...

And when I get to write about this truth, it makes my day that much more gratifying.

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