A Few of My Favorite Things

Sometimes- like right now- when I'm feeling very happy and life is full and satisfying, I like to think about the things that bring me joy...

(this is a habit I should probably bring into some of my darker moments, so it'll most likely make my list of resolutions for 2012)

Until then, here's a list of some of my favorite things from 2011:

  • traveling to Kenya to meet and serve and love
  • celebrating 3 years of marriage to Hubby
  • sending out my first query letter and getting my first rejection...followed by 7 more...
  • learning how to cook more than just macaroni and cheese (but a good bowl of Kraft is still one of my favorites!)
  • saving money and making a financial plan
  • decorating for Christmas with childlike enthusiasm
  • witnessing estranged family members laugh together like old times
  • learning God is bigger than my pain and He is faithful no matter what
  • discovering a new love for fashion...and becoming a bit fearless about it
  • going on picnics with Hubby, Bella, and, of course, Lulu
  • volunteering with friends
  • becoming a member of Buckhead Church
  • beginning a new novel
  • watching my big sister grow up and realize how truly awesome she is
  • Three words: The Hunger Games
  • ballerina top knots
  • learning how to say "no" (and not feeling like a terrible person because of it)
  • Pinterest
  • moving in with my cousin, Brittany, and living with two of my very best friends
  • boyfriend cardigans
  • chai tea lattes
What are some of your favorite things from this year?

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