Countdown to Christmas

Illustration: Victoria Stitch

Hello again!

I'm posting twice in one day, but I think you'll like this little idea I've cooked up. Maybe you'll even want to join in on the fun!

This year, I've decided to countdown to Christmas Day with a list of 25 things to do- one a day- until the blessed holiday arrives. Take a peek:

  • Put up a little (or BIG) tree in your office or home (or both!). Sit back and watch the lights twinkle.
  • Tell someone you love them.
  • Watch a classic, cheesy holiday movie (Elf is always a good choice).
  • Do something kind for someone. Do it anonymously.
  • Have a conversation with Jesus. Be honest. Just let Him know what's on your heart.
  • Read the Christmas story. My personal favorite is the version found in the Book of Matthew.
  • Buy a crazy/silly/beautiful ornament...just because.
  • Volunteer at a local shelter, church, or soup kitchen.
  • Write a letter to someone who needs encouragement. Actually send it in the mail. With a stamp.
  • Forgive a grudge.
  • Listen to Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker Ballet or Handel's Messiah. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Carol of the Bells" works, too.
  • Put yourself in a place to hear what your Savior has to His Word, talk to your pastor or mentor, pray, or simply be still.
  • Bake Christmas cookies and decorate them.
  • Laugh...a lot.
  • Do something creative as a gift. Don't stress too much about money and presents.
  • Drive around with your husband, wife, friends, or family and look for Christmas lights.
  • Sing your favorite carols!
  • Learn something new about other holidays, like Hanukah. Show the love of Christ by celebrating people's differences.
  • Share your favorite Christmas memory with a friend.
  • Leave milk and cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve (c'mon, you know you want to!).
  • Say hello to a stranger. Smile.
  • Drink some eggnog.
  • Host a Tacky Christmas Sweater Party. Or just wear public.
  • Light a Sugar Cookie, Wintergreen, Cinnamon or other holiday-scented candle and let it brighten up your day!
  • Watch It's a Wonderful Life. Seriously. Best movie ever!
Love, Wendi

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