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Eight days...that's all we have left until our team heads out into the mission fields of Ngaamba, Kenya. Wow...I can't believe we're here! Since I last wrote, God has already given me a greater confidence in Him and I am so incredibly thankful for it. It's been a balm to my healing spirit. Little things (and big things) like getting my passport in time (after stressing because, yes, I procrastinated a little more than I should have), studying and reading in Beth Moore's Breaking Free, and fellowship with friends, family, and fellow team members have eclipsed the trepidation in my heart and covered me in God's goodness. As one friend said: "God has already gone before us and prepared the way for our work." He won't let us down now. Or ever. And, soon, I will see why. Soon, I will see how He, indeed, prepared the way for us.

I keep imagining all the smiling, beautiful children soaking up our words and stories, asking questions and learning from us just as we learn from them. I will see Jesus in their little faces. I think about the woman who is going to let me serve in her home, cooking her food and cleaning, and I rejoice at the idea of knowing her. I marvel at the prospect of carrying heavy buckets of water, scrubbing perpetually dirty floors, washing dusty, tired feet, and I am full of joy because this is what my King has done. This is how He loved. How He loves us still. And I want to love like Him.

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Anonymous said...

as you go I need you to know that not only are lives there in Kenya going to be blessed (as you are also) there are lives here that you bless each and everyday, you have no idea the love and blessing that you are to people you have no idea the lives that you mold each and everyday that you talk, pray, love, and just live through Christ.. I love you and as you are gone know that you will have a " white puffy blanket" of prayers for you...