Rolling In the Deep

Hi friends!

There are lots of fun, exciting things going on around here this week.

First: Our Kenya fundraising deadline is FRIDAY. I still have $517 left to raise...but it's $400 less than what I had to raise this time yesterday! God is faithful.

Second: Our trip to Sharptop Cove with the high school students from Buckhead Church is THIS WEEKEND! Cue late nights with loud talking and little sleep, long, full days of fellowship, and (I'm sure) more than a fair share of boy/girl drama. CAN'T. WAIT (seriously!).

Third: I could share a few colorful sentences here in regards to an issue that came up yesterday...but I won't.

Fourth: My Victoria's Secret package should be coming in any day now! Long tunic sweaters and maxi skirts are just the thing I need to get ready for fall. And today is officially the first day of the season! Hooray!

So while I'm gearing up for all this awesome-ness, I'm also reading, cleaning, working, and learning how to cook. I should be writing, too. But since I do it all day at work now I find that I have little desire for it when I get home. Which sucks.

My sweet tea beckons...

Until next time!


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