Picnic in the Park (and other fun times!)

Hi friends!

The weather was absolutely stunning this weekend, so the hubs and I packed up a picnic lunch and hightailed it to Blackburn park- across the street from our apartment- to enjoy a lazy afternoon outdoors. LuLu came along to host the ride (wanna see LuLu? Scroll down to see my previous post.) and our husky, Bella, got to run around and play in the sunshine. The three of us might have even dozed off for a minute or two after we ate...it was just so relaxing! Now that the heat and humidity aren't smothering us anymore, we might just have to make this a weekly event.

Fall is here!

Me and Bella, our sweet girl. 

My favorites, minus Lady.

Another awesome thing that happened this weekend?

My brother-in-law, Jonathan, came home from Afghanistan!

None of us had any idea he was on leave, and he surprised my sister and their two girls while they were out eating lunch with my mom and little sister. It was an incredible way to commemorate this weekend and the tragedy we experienced ten years ago. I hope we can move forward and remember the good instead of drowning in the bad...and Jonathan's homecoming was the perfect way to begin a new decade of remembrance!

The first embrace, after 7 long months apart.

The Smith family, back together again!

Sunday was filled with all things Buckhead Church: morning service, Kenya team meeting, leader's meeting, Inside Out with my high school girls, and bible study with our small group. We love some Jesus, yes we do...but I am looking forward to the time when Sundays are not completely filled up with things to do. It's easy to let all the events become work, instead of opportunities for worship and praise.

I've started working on the first chapter of my third book (well,my third novel...fourth book). I feel very private about this story, mostly because I know that God is working through me to use my talents for His glory, and I can't wait to see what He does with it. This realization, along with my own dreams of becoming a novelist, has caused me to keep it quiet for some time. My husband knows I'm writing, but I feel particularly protective over this story, like it was given to me. I don't feel like I created it...I just feel like I'm transcribing what comes into my head. Does that make sense? Probably not. But it's the first time I've ever NOT though about publishing...and every writer I've ever known has said that is the key to writing well. If I think too much about who's going to read it- or what they're going to think- I might as well forget about my purpose, which is to do what I love. I'll never be free to write the way God has equipped me to if I'm too busy thinking about pleasing others. I only have to please Him.

Maybe this is why I still haven't found an agent for my last novel?

Until next time,


P.S. My Georgia Southern Eagles are now 2-0! They beat Tusculum 62-21 this weekend! HAIL SOUTHERN! GATA! I miss my school...can't wait to be back at Paulson Stadium soon!

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