Not of This World

Hi friends!

Last weekend, our students from Buckhead Church's high school ministry- InsideOut- took a trip up to Sharptop Cove in the mountains of Jasper, Georgia. My co-leader, Teahna, and I went, too, and we had a blast hanging out with our girls!

The theme for the weekend was "Not of This World: Live Like an Alien." The whole event was centered around the alien concept- which made for some fun and silly moments- and the messages were INCREDIBLE. All the speakers did an awesome job connecting with the students, and breaking down the more abstract directives in God's Word in a way they could grasp and execute in real life. The music was pretty spectacular, as well (thanks to Kristian Stanfill and his band...look them up here!).

Despite the fact that Teahna and I barely slept (thanks to the room next-door to ours being full of girls who talked and shrieked and giggled until the wee hours of Saturday morning, plus my stomach bug on Saturday night), the days were filled with good conversation, laughter, and LOTS of yummy food...

...and then there was THE BLOB.

Yes, that's me.

And, YES, it was EPIC.

Just in case I haven't said it enough...

Thanks to the whole Inside Out team (Shannon, Jamie, Ben, and all you guys!) for your hard work and preparation. This weekend was only possible with your dedication to both the students and this ministry. Kudos! You guys are amazing!

Thank you, Teahna, for being so sweet to me when I woke up scared Friday night after having a bad dream. And thank you for losing more sleep on Saturday when I got sick. But, most of all, thank you for being such an awesome co-leader and friend!

And girls...y'all are pretty much the most awesome people EVER. We love you!

Until next time,


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