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Hi friends!

Happy Labor Day weekend! I'm pretty darn happy about having three days off (not that I can really complain...I did just get back from a Disney cruise), mostly because we finally got the extra couch out of our living room (thanks Seth!), and we now have enough space to finish up the decorating we started when we moved in almost three months ago (!!!). Having been obsessed with Pinterest for the last few weeks or so, I can't say that having little space to create new projects has been conducive to my surge of creative ideas (or should I say rip-offs?).

Here are a few of my most recent real-life Pins:

I'm going to make an "N" for our last name,
but I have to get more buttons. The original Pin is shown below.

$2 frames from Hobby Lobby + free printouts =
a happy Wendi.
Is it just me, or does being creative and giving your home a personal touch make you feel more at peace? As far back as middle school, I've always loved to decorate (interior design was even my major when I first started college...I got over that when I realized I had to, you know, actually design and not just decorate). No messy, unkempt, disorganized bedrooms for me; no sir! Mine were somewhat themed (in high school, you would have found a deep purple accent wall, with matching bedspread, in addition to distressed furniture, Target photo frames, and dried flowers) and usually very well put-together. No matter where I am, I want to feel comfortable, like I'm at home. And although my tastes have changed a bit, I still want to walk into my bedroom and experience the peace of knowing I belong there.

It's been particularly difficult to accomplish this recently because I know that God is really working on my heart. He's changing things about me I thought I'd always understood, and I'm learning so much about how selfish I can be in light of how I want to serve. There are too many things to share here, and maybe I will soon, but for now I just want to say I am excited to see how God is going to take our willingness to obey Him (when I say "we" I mean the Hubs and me, and when I say "obey" I mean "try to"), break down some major walls, and rebuild. I'm wondering what God is going to do with our money, our jobs, our marriage, our conflicting desire to buy a house and sell everything to be free to go where He wants us to...(that's a tough one!) and the overwhelming attachments we share for what we own and who we love. I'm still learning how I am being equipped to serve, and it's both exciting and unsettling. But it's also an awesome adventure!

In the meantime, I'm enjoying this new season, and by that I mean FOOTBALL season! Pierce and I visited my dad and step-mom, Celeste, earlier today and we spent the whole afternoon grilling out, watching games, and laughing together. Lots of Celeste's family was there, as well as my sister and her two daughters. It was nice to kick back and do a whole lot of nothing together.

Mary Grace and Laci, being awesome. As usual.

If I hadn't been wearing a dress, I would
have been right up there with her!
At the moment, I'm hanging out on the couch, watching the UGA/Boise State game (hoping UGA loses, in case you're wondering!) and loving the fact that my GSU eagles are up by 21 points. HAIL SOUTHERN! GATA!

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Until next time,


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Jen Daiker said...

This is wonderful!!! I love the creative gene you have! I'm jealous because I don't have the patience or the ideas! You my dear are gifted!

I love your blog! It's so pretty! I do hope you'll stop by my neck of the woods! I love meeting new people!