Making Home

Hi friends!

Last night, I got really creative (and Pinterest was actually not involved!) and cooked up home-made veggie beef stew and biscuits from scratch. My husband said I've been spoiling him with all my cooking, and I'm not going to pretty much made my day.

Like I used to do at Nannie's house.


So good...

Pierce and I have working to create a budget that allows us to save and tithe more than ten percent each month, as well as pay off credit cards and work towards building up a down payment for a home. Since he was finally hired as a permanent employee of the Atlanta Falcons (thank you, lockout, for making us wait on pins and needles!) I will admit we've been experiencing some incredible financial blessings. But we both feel that the more we have, the more we should give. It's hard not to spend, spend, spend, and I'm thankful Pierce likes my food (!) because it's just one more attempt to conserve and be creative with our finances.

Until next time,


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