Happy Weekend!

Hi friends!

Gosh, it's just gorgeous around here lately. I love fall. It's my favorite (along with summer by the pool, and spring with those first days of warm weather...but not winter...winter sucks.)

Husband graciously gave in to my child-like fervor over the pink bicycle you see below (it's name is LuLu...it's even painted on the side! How fortuitous is that?) last weekend, and, after scouring four different Targets to find her, we finally made our purchase and, amazingly, wiggled her into the back seat/trunk of Pierce's 1997 Mustang. I was giddy with excitement, and then Pierce bought me a bell to go on the handlebars. He knows the way to my heart...

I'm in love.

She needs air in her tires (yes...my bike is a "she") but as soon as she's ready, I'm taking her for a spin around Blackburn Park tomorrow. We might even have a picnic! Makes me miss Sweetheart Circle back at GSU...

Cool weather, plaid shirts and boots, a picnic in the park with hubby, AND a pink bicycle? Could the possibilities for this weekend get any more perfect?

Enjoy it everyone!

Until next time,


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