Do Not Lick the Phones: A Review

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Today is my 26th birthday (and, as my mother so sweetly pointed out, I'm now in my "late-twenties"...thanks Mom), and I'll be sharing it with you and Britney Bronte, author of Do Not Lick the Phones.

Do Not Lick the Phones: My 100 Word Summary

Based on real-life experiences of the author, Britney Bronte (also a pseudonym) gets hired by a media house called DayStar TV, a corporation responsible for programs like psychic intervention and phone sex operation, where she struggles to reconcile her abilities with issues common to unconventional programming: low pay and terrible working conditions. What Britney discovers, after climbing the supernatural ladder to psychic success, is that life is always a bit odd, and sometimes the best experiences come from being proud of what makes you unique.

Do Not Lick the Phones: What I Think

Bronte's novel was interesting because it's pretty much the polar opposite of my profession: I work for a Christian media-buying/advertising company, writing scripts and content for a variety of programs (coincidentally, one of the networks our shows air on is called Daystar...yes, I'm noting the irony here...) and I enjoyed getting a back-stage glance into Britney's world because it's so incredibly different from what I experience on a day-to-day basis. I love that her novel pinpoints what I've learned repeatedly over the years, which is the truth that people are always flawed, no matter how they spend their days, and we will always struggle with our humanity.

I laughed a good deal as I took in the often ludicrous reality of Britney's profession, but I found it difficult to go beyond the surface. I can sum it up this way: too many characters, not enough development. This issue, combined with a further disconnect between time and place, made reading difficult. There simply wasn't enough substance for me to dive into, despite the interesting and unique subject matter. If Phones had been a television program, it would have been a thirty-minute sitcom, not a full-length feature.

If you'd like to support the recovery of those affected by the London riots, check out Britney's official site here. All the proceeds from your purchases will go towards this extremely worthy cause!

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