August in Pictures

Hi friends!

So much has been happening here in recent weeks (far too much to tell), and since a picture says 1,000 words, here's 17,000 words for ya. Enjoy!

My GORGEOUS lil' sis', Kati, with her best friend, Kylie,
on their first day of high school.

Rockin' the GSU tee from my dear friend, Lauren.
Miss her.

We went to the Antiques Roadshow this year.
We saw some interesting things.

Love him.

My dear friend Amanda's adorable (and stylish!)
daughter, Lily.

My husband works for the Falcons. We get season tickets.
Be jealous.

All my friends have beautiful children.
Lauren, Ray (in the background), and their
son, Hudson, are no different.

(He's my fav.)

Thanks to Pinterest, I made myself
some awesome cupcake birthday cones.
Yes. That's a cupcake.

Chelsea and Briana helped me
celebrate my 26th birthday at work.
They are, in a word, awesome.

Hubby couldn't be with me on my birthday,
so he spoiled me with roses.

And then my co-workers spoiled me some more.

Birthday pizza with our church small group. They wouldn't
let me take pictures of them...

My sweet friend, Mary Beth, chillin' at the pool with me
on my birthday. I've already spent the
Chick-Fil-A gift card she got me. YUM!

My bestest friend, Jillian, drove all the way up from
St. Simon's Island to surprise me! Here we are,
toasting to my old age.

The Disney Dream. LOVE.

The veranda in our stateroom.
What a perfect way to end the summer!

I'm already getting antsy for fall...I promise to write more soon!

Until next time,


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