My (recent) Life in Pictures

Hi friends!

Nothing too much going on right now, so I just wanted to share some pictures with you from the most recent events in my life, including some shots from work, church, and a GSU alumni event at the Braves game (the one where some guy jumped the fence and ran onto the field in a wedding dress...yeah...that one!). Enjoy!

Me, with Gingy, our office pet...such a sweet little animal!

Our lovely office kitchen. A few of my
co-workers brought in some AMAZING
quiche (quiches? quichi?) that day!

Buckhead Church Volunteer Appreication Night:
Chronicles of Narnia on the big screen (Voyage of the Dawn Treader),
Barbecue dinner, and all the popcorn, soda, and candy you could eat!

The EPIC candy table. 

Counting down! The staff at BC did a WONDERFUL job!
We did feel very loved and appreciated. I love my church <3.

Me and Teahna, with our high school
girls from Buckhead Church Inside Out...we
had so much fun on our scavenger hunt!

Me and my sweet friend (and fellow GSU alumni) at the Braves
game last week (also a birthday celebration for another dear friend,
Mary Beth).

True Blue: A lifelong, die-hard supporter of Georgia Southern
University...that's me!!!

Me and my best friend, Jillian. San Francisco. One year apart.
Until next time!



Tiffany said...


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Thanks for considering it!

Writer. Wife. Wanderer. said...

I would love to! I'm not doing very many tours right now as I just finished up a very busy schedule, but I would like to do one in the fall. I'll be sure to take a look! Thank you for the invitation!