Happy 100th to Me!

Hi friends,

No, I am not turning 100, but A Bundle of Contradictions is celebrating its 100th post! *cue applause*

And what better way to commemorate such an occasion than to gush about my fabulous weekend in Asheville watching Andrew McMahon wail on the piano?

Saturday morning, my mother and her friend, Kelvin, dropped off my little sister, Kati, at my house in Atlanta. A short while later, my best friend, Lauren, and her friend, Jami, arrived to pick us up. I know that's a tad bit confusing, but you need your cast of characters to understand the plot.

After a short 4 hour road trip to Asheville, North Carolina (beautiful, artsy, eclectic mountain town...and home of the Biltmore! Visit if you ever get the chance!), we arrived at the Days Inn, where we promptly got settled and changed into more appropriate concert attire. I also posted my book review for Marika Christian's Phone Kitten (I can work and have fun all at the same time!).

The venue, The Orange Peel, in downtown was a quaint brick building, and we waited for a short hour before going in. Lots of laughs were had outside on the sidewalk, but since I don't want to offend anyone, I'll keep them to myself. Let's just say my little sister uses her intellect to make fun of, well, just about everything and everyone. Add Jami to that equation, and the four of us were laughing all night long (the 4 a.m. "Have you ever played those?!" was the best, by far...this is a reference to Sock 'Em Boppers and it came from a barely coherent Jami, who sat up in her bed like she was suddenly possessed...).

Anywho...the worst thing about these intimate shows (and also the best thing, I have to admit) is that it's standing room only. Even though we were mere feet from the stage, there were hundreds of people standing shoulder to shoulder in an old building with nothing but the Big Ass Fan overhead to cool us down. The doors opened at 6 and the first act, River James, went on at 7 p.m. They were good, but nothing spectacular. Next up was Lady Danville and not only were all three of them absolutely adorable (and incredibly talented), they completely rocked our socks. I'm a new fan. Their performance was a much-needed second wind because we were all sweating pretty profusely and getting mighty irritable (teeny-boppers, I'm talking to YOU!). Right around 8:15 came Steel Train, a lovely band from New Jersey (the lead singer actually kind of favors The Situation...poor guy...he's handsome but I wouldn't want to look like anyone from that train wreck of a reality show). They were excellent, but not really my cup of tea. At one point, when all five guys got together at the mic to perform an acoustic ballad, Lauren looks up and says:

"Oh, they look like a boy band!"

Finally, Andrew McMahon and the rest of Jack's Mannequin showed up and ROCKED the house! Not only is he a FANTASTIC musician and live performer (he is right up there with Butch Walker...but not quite on the same level just yet...), Andrew is a leukemia survivor with a flair for humor, adorable crooked smiles, and, of course, banging on the piano.

Take a look at some of our favorite shots from the weekend:

My little sister, Kati, who kept
us laughing all weekend with her
political incorrectness. 

Sisters make the best friends <3.

Great venue in a fabulous city!


Lauren and Jami, chillin'.

Me and Lauren...love this girl!

Guitarist for Lady Danville= Quite possibly the cutest musician ever.

Get it, dude.

Serenading us with "Carolina" <3.

Ah, yes, the piece de resistance...
"Slow down...this night's the perfect shade of dark blue..."


I absolutely love the feeling of knowing that I've seen one of my favorite artists in person, particularly one who made the sweating, stinking, noisy waiting more than worth the wait.

Until next time,



Mary Beth Smith said...

I am so in love w you and your blogs.. I love love that you and the bug had an amazing weekend.. and her humor so comes from me.. lol

Writer. Wife. Wanderer. said...

Thank you, Sister. I love you so much!