Hi friends!

I don't talk about this very much, but I absolutely adore fashion. I'm inspired by vintage looks, and some of my favorite eras are the Edwardian 1910s (think Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady), the 1940s pin-up glam, and the flapper look of the 1920s (I guess I pretty much obsessed with the first half of the twentieth century). I love statement pieces, like big hats, long multi-layered necklaces, cameos, bright-colored heels...but even though I own some lovely articles of clothing, I often don't take the time to put together outfits that truly express my interest in fashion. I'd say I'm pretty trendy, but I rarely take risks like I secretly want to!

Well, one of my co-workers was talking to me about this very subject over lunch. We decided that, at least once a week, we were going to step out of the box and really dress up. It's kind of a lost art, isn't it? I would love to see men walking around in fedoras or pageboys like they did "back then"...most of us just go throughout our days looking barely put together. Hats, jewelry, and shoes can really complete a look, and I want to start utilizing my closet in ways I never have! Plus, Hubby and I completed a budget for ourselves (Hooray! I'm sincerely very excited about having something to work debt!) and it's time to get creative with my style instead of just adding more and more clothing to the closet (and decreasing the numbers in my bank account). Who wants to do a clothing swap? DIY? Anyone? I'm game if you are.

For my first "look", I'm going for the Megan Fox-inspired retro glam (think loose curls, red lips) and pair it with my structured black blazer, skinny jeans, loose cotton tee, and peep-toes. Nothing too drastic or groundbreaking (I've worn the outfit tons, just not with the makeup and hair). I don't have a photo of myself just yet, so here's a few ideas to tide you over for now:

This girl could seriously
use some lessons from Emily Post,
but she's got glam down to a T...gorgeous!
I'll try and for a more bold red on the lips.
Oh, if only my heels were Louboutins!

Staples that can be used in many other styles.
I'll work in peep-toe heels (see below)
and maybe a white tee, instead of black.

The beautiful cameo necklace my co-worker, Chelsea, gave me
(and, of course, I had to display it using Lauren Conrad's
fabulous guide to style!)
Until next time!


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