A Soft Place to Land: A Review

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Today is June and my May review for the Chick Lit Plus Reading Challenge is late. I suck at life!

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I wanted to post last night, but homework and writing deadlines for work got in the way. So much to do, so little time! But I am here now, and my priority is offering up a yummy morsel for you guys to chew on when you've got some time to read a good (fabulous!) book. So here we go...

A Soft Place to Land: My 100 Word Summary

When Naomi and Phil Harrison die in a tragic plane crash over the Grand Canyon, their two young daughters, Ruthie and Julia, are sent to live across the country from one another: Julia with her biological father and passive/aggressive stepmother in West Virginia, and Ruthie with her eccentric, but loving, aunt and uncle in San Francisco. As their worlds grow in different directions, Ruthie and Julia try to keep their close relationship strong...even as they discover things they never thought possible.

A Soft Place to Land: What I Think

I originally picked up this book because I loved the cover, and, if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'll remember that when I opened it I discovered that it was autographed by the author, Atlanta-native Susan Rebecca White. I think fate keeps drawing me to these fabulous Southern (usually Georgian) writers, and I would like to thank fate for that! <3 While I discovered that A Soft Place to Land leans more towards the category of women's fiction, rather than chick lit, much of the novel is geared towards self-discovery, which is a must-have for either genre.

I loved both girls in this novel, as I saw a little of myself in each of them. Julia is strong, stubborn, and free-spirited. And she's a writer (an incredible one, at that...which, I suppose, just means that Susan Rebecca White is incredible...which she is!). Ruthie is the youngest daughter, sweet and kind, with a people-pleasing kind of attitude. And what White does so well here is connect what seem like opposing personalities and show us their similarities. Ruthie and Julia adore one another, even when they hate each other, and I saw so much of my own sisterly relationships in them.

A Soft Place to Land is funny, heart-breaking, and smart. Plus, it will make you want to call you sisters and tell them you love 'em...what else could you ask for?

Read more about Susan Rebecca White on her website, and pick up your copy of A Soft Place to Land at your local Borders or Barnes and Noble (if you're lucky, it will be autographed!).

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I forgive you!! And this looks like a great read!