Hi friends!

If you know me personally, you know that I love music. Classical. Baroque. Indie Rock. Glam Rock. Acoustic. Blues. Jazz. Lyrically-brilliant rap (think, although his enormous ego pains me to say it, Kanye). Big Band. Top 40. And even (dare I say it?) Country.

Thus far, my writings here have been focused on my desire to be an author, and my pursuits in that area, but once, not so long ago, I wanted to be a singer. I still do...just not professionally. So...I guess that means I am (?)...

I (jokingly) refer to myself as a "Taylor Swift" kind of singer: I have a pretty voice, but have always struggled with vocal control. I'd like to believe I can stay on pitch better than Ms. Swift can (sorry Taylor!) because I've heard her live and, well...she's beautiful, talented, classy, and graceful, but the poor girl is either jumping around too much or still hasn't gotten over her nerves (ultimately, none of this matters because I'm a superfan and love her albums...she can rock the 1920s flapper look like no one else, she loves people, and I'd like to hang out with her for just one day) but I digress...

I would call the timbre (i.e. "color") of my voice light and airy. I've always longed to have the kind of vocal talent that ranges from heavy, sultry chest voice to whistling head voice (Christina Aguilera still holds the top spot for that, in my opinion) but, alas, I was blessed with something a little softer- more limited- like Colbie Callait (who I could listen to all day long). I have a pretty middle voice, and am best suited for alto parts (though I did get bumped up to mezzo-soprano in my last semester of women's choir!). Plus, I perform better with others; as I've mentioned before, solo performances make my throat dry and my stomach flip-flop...not beneficial for someone who has to use pretty much all the muscles in those two areas to perform!

One day, I would love to form a little band and perform in coffee shops and the like. Nothing too formal or pretentious (or threatening, if I'm being honest).

I listen to musicians like Other Lives, Muse, The David Crowder Band, Little Big Town, Bethany Dillon, and Butch Walker & the Black Widows (or Butch Walker & the Let's-Go-Out-Tonites or Marvelous 3...anything attached to Bradley Glenn Walker from Cartersville, GA makes my heart swoon...oh, and he played with Taylor Swift on the Grammys and has a lovely rendition of "You Belong With Me"...another reason why I love her...she loves BW!). When I hear them, I feel a physical longing, somewhere deep in my chest, like a broken heart. I yearn to make love, to cry, to worship, to dance, to laugh, to live along with their melodies...and I yearn to make someone else feel the same way.

Am I alone in this? While my talent is more expansive when it comes to putting together a pretty sentence, I put music and good books up on the same pedestal. A lovely phrase can evoke the same emotion from me that the Alicia Keys/Adam Levine rendition of "Wild Horses" can (if you've never heard it, go do some YouTube-ing...I'll wait). Similarly, Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill's version of "How Great Thour Art" would have brought me to my knees if I wasn't sitting at my work desk when I heard it. I cried and had to go to the bathroom to wipe my eyes. God, that girl can sing...and she reflects her love of Christ in every note.

I'll be singing in a friend's wedding this Saturday, accompanied by her best friend's husband and brother (the best friend and the husband also being dear friends of mine from college...hence, how the bride and I know each other), and it's got me thinking about how I want the day to be perfect for her. Having already experienced my own wedding, I know a little about how even the best plans can wrong, which is natural. And I want to perform the song well, not only for myself and for the bride-to-be, but because the song is about laying everything at the feet of Jesus; it's about His incredible love. Where better to exemplify His love than at a wedding? I hope that the whole day, my performance included, will reflect His heart for us.

Until next time,


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C.Curley said...

I didn't know you that you sing! That's awesome! I sing all.the.time...but I wouldn't always call it good. haha! Sounds like we may have a similar range--darn girls like Christina and Amy Lee with their amazing range and power voices!

Good luck at the wedding! I've only performed at a reception, but that was pretty nerve-racking too! I'm sure you'll do great!!! :)