Love Struck: A Review

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Sometimes, my favorite kind of book is a fun, light-hearted story that I can curl up on the couch and read in one sitting. There's nothing more refreshing than a book you can get caught up in, one that seems to come straight from the curious minds of women everywhere. Chantel Simmons, author of the bestselling Stuck in Downward Dog, has created more classic chick-lit with her second novel, Love Struck.

Love Struck: My 100 Word Summary

Poppy Ross seems to have the perfect husband, the perfect home, and the perfect life...until she overhears that her husband is having an affair with a beautiful young research assistant while out getting a pedicure one day. Before Poppy has a chance to confront her husband, Parker, he gets struck by lightening and loses his memory of the previous few months. What happens next is a series of hilarious, desperate attempts to solve the mystery of her husband's infidelity, and the stunning reality that sometimes the truth is better than you thought.

Love Struck: What I Think

Chantel Simmons knows how to capture a reader's attention and hold it until the last page. Although Poppy's attempts to uncover the details of Parker's affair with Sienna Somers, while simultaneously transforming herself into Sienna's doppelganger in order to reclaim her husband's affections, are outrageous and unbelievable, Simmons made me laugh so hard I was in stitches. She doesn't take herself too seriously, and it helped me to find the joy in Poppy's crazy journey. Love Struck is a novel that knows what it is, and doesn't try to be anything else. And this, friends, is what makes it so much fun to get lost in the pages.

If you've got holiday or vacation plans for Memorial Day (or just plans to sit around in your pajamas and chill!), Love Struck would be the ideal book to lounge around with for an afternoon (or two).

Be sure to stick around for my interview with Chantel Simmons, and stop by her website to pick up your copy of Love Struck today!

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Elsie Love said...

I love the premise.
Struck by lightening? Wow! Totally creative.
I bet is was hilarious.

Cathy said...

Great review! Love the 100 word succint and just right...I love the characters' names, Poppy and cute, perfect for classic chick lit don't you think?