The Royal Wedding: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

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I was so excited about William and Kate's nuptials (oh, I'm sorry, it's Catherine now) that I got up at 6.m. this morning to watch them get married at Westminster Abbey. I'm glad I did! I wouldn't have wanted to miss such a beautiful ceremony. Her dress was incredibly gorgeous, and possibly a throwback to Grace Kelly's gown from her 1956 wedding to Prince Ranier of Monaco. I love the traditional style. Commentators on the Today Show kept talking about how they were surprised Sarah Burton (from Alexander McQueen) didn't create something a tad more dramatic, but I think the royal family has had enough drama to last them a few centuries! Princess Catherine is the picture of grace and beauty, and her gown reflected that.

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge
as she approaches Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011. 
Her Serene Highness The Princess of Monaco
on her wedding day in April 1956.
Some of my friends don't understand why I would even care about the British monarchy, but my ancestors are English, Scottish, and Dutch (among other things), so I can't help but feel some kinship with them. Plus, since Princess Di was 1/6th American that makes Prince William 1/12th American...although, technically, most Americans are descendant from British subjects, so it doesn't really matter much either way ;). Besides, what girl doesn't love a fairy tale wedding?

William and Catherine looked so in love, albeit decidedly more formal than most brides and grooms I know (but I suppose that's to be expected when an estimated 2 billion people are watching you!), and I got a little misty when William looked over at his bride as she approached the altar and said, "You look beautiful". A far cry from the behavior of this father, Prince Charles, who barely cracked a smile on his wedding day. I wish them all the best! I pray that God will work through their marriage to bring hope into this world, and that they will always honor and cherish one another.

The happy couple as they greet the thousands gathered outside Westminster Abbey <3.

Google's header image for the day, which is adorably appropriate.


I love the little girl in the bottom left of the photo...she is not at all impressed with the pomp and circumstance!

William had just said, according to a professional lip-reader (how do you get that job?!)
to Kate and her father: "This was supposed to be a small family affair." Love her smile!

Kate's stunning sister, Pippa, the maid-of-honor, with the little bridesmaids.

On their way to Buckingham Palace <3.


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