Oh, wouldn't it be loverly?

Hi friends!

ABC is up to almost 1300 page views and 19 followers! Thanks everyone! This makes me very happy.

I hope you're all able to get outside at some point this afternoon and enjoy the beautiful weather. I love spring...and summer...and fall, for that matter. I just hate winter. I also love vacations and trips! Got quite a few of those coming up this year!

A few updates on my end:

I recently attended orientation for Inside Out, the high school ministry for Buckhead Church, and I submitted my application last week. It was no joke, people. Which, despite being intimidated by the depth of the essay questions I was required to answer on smoking, drinking, illegal drugs, homosexuality, and pre-marital sex, I was very happy to see. It seems like they really want to bring on small group leaders who are going to walk with these students from 9th to 12th grade and, since I have a 14-year old sister (whom I adore!), I feel a strong connection with that age group. They need mentors who will be empathetic to the issues they face while still holding them accountable to biblical principles. I believe I can do that, and I look forward to serving with the people at BC!

My mother has asked me to create a blog for services where she works (I don't want to say for privacy issues at the moment), and that was a delightful request because it's just more professional experience I can put on my resume.

Speaking of which...

No news on my recent queries...the first ones I sent out are just at the 6-week due date (meaning if I haven't heard a "yes" or "no" by now, it's more than likely a "no") so that has been a little discouraging. But I'm not giving up just yet! I took a break from querying for a few weeks in light of how many I had sent out, but now it's back to the drawing board (and back to my computer to write the synopsis most agents require that I've been dreading).

In addition: I look cute today and I'm drinking a caramel iced coffee, so things are going well!

Be blessed! I'm sure I have more to say but my train of thought has derailed...


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