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Hi friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Hubby and I went hiking up Kennesaw Mountain on Saturday, which was exhausting but also enjoyable. I sometimes forget how much I love being outdoors, and the cardio was great because I'm trying to be more active (sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day doesn't bode well for burning fat!). The view of Atlanta in the distance was breathtaking, and I was happy to see so many people there with us, hanging out with their families and taking pictures. Here's a conversational tidbit I hope you all enjoy as much as I did:

(Scene: Little Girl, about 9 years old, hiking with a group of other young ladies, ranging in age from 9-17)

Little Girl (pointing to something in the distance, her arm stetched out as far as it can go): "What's that light out there? Do you see it?"

Friend (deadpan): "It's Jesus coming back."

Little Girl (after a pause, then with clap of her hands): "Oh yay!"

This is why getting out of the house is so much fun!

View of Atlanta from the top of Kennesaw Mountain (not our
photo- I haven't uploaded them yet; if this is your work, please let
me know and I will happily add a credit!)

When we reached the top of the mountain, there were mini battle sites still standing which commemorated the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain during the Civil War- particularly cannons surrounded by what are called "earth mounds", which are basically mounds of dirt (imagine that!) that were built up around artillery to protect Confederate soldiers. The Civil War was one of the biggest turning points in our nation's history, and, as today commemorates the 150th anniversary of the attack on Fort Sumter, it was an appropriate outing to take (even though, I'll admit, I didn't realize the relevance of our visit until this morning. Thanks AOL News!). I did feel somewhat mournful as I thought about the nearly 600,000 people who were killed during the Civil War, and how we were standing where they had fought and died. As sad as it is to think our countrymen were fighting each other, I believe we should pay attention to our history and honor what our ancestors endured. We are, in many ways, a product of their sacrifice.
On another note, today is my big sister's 30th birthday! She refuses to acknowledge that she's turned 30, but I have no problem reminding her ;). I wish I could tell you what I got her, but since she hasn't actually received it yet I must keep my mouth shut. Don't worry (like you were going to...)! I will have pictures posted later. Let's just say it's something that required a bit of creativity on my part...

Before I go, here is the most recent calendar for this summer's blog tours:

Monday, May 2- Jessica Chambers Guest Post

Sunday, May 8- Review of Jessica Chamber's Voice on the Waves

Wednesday, May 18- Review of Chantel Simmon's Love Struck and author guest post

Wednesday, June 8- Review of Misa Rush's Family Pieces and author guest post

Friday, June 24- Review of Cassandra O'Sullivan's Little Miss Teacher

I'm still working on guest post dates for Chantel Simmons and Cassandra O'Sullivan, so keep checking back!

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