Happy Easter!

Hi friends!

Technically, I can still wish everyone a happy Easter since it's Easter Monday in Canada (eh?).

It's thrilling to think about the sacrifice of my King (once I actually take the time to sit in quiet and consider all that was given) so that my every failure and flaw would be made perfect. I cannot wait to see His handsome face and rejoice in all that He has done for me. I am free of this world because of what He did. In all honesty, I try to rejoice and be thankful now, but I will admit that it's difficult because I can't actually see Him beside me. Does anyone else struggle with this? I feel Jesus' sacrifice in my heart, especially when I sin and I am reminded of what that sin did to Him, but I wish it were a physical presence. Nonetheless, I adore this holiday (much like Christmas) because of what it represents. And, yes, I love to fill plastic eggs with chocolate, hide them all over the yard, and watch my neices and nephews scramble to find them :).

Yesterday was the first Easter in years that the whole family has gotten together to celebrate: my older brother, Tommy, and his wife and children (two boys and one girl); my older sister, Beth, and her two little girls (her hubby is fighting in Afghanistan); my Dad and his wife, Cessy; my stepbrother, Cody, his fiance, Elizabeth, and their two little girls; and, finally, Hubby and I. We ate baked ham, green beans, potato salad, heavenly eggs (backstory on those in just a sec...), and banana nut bread, along with big ol' glasses of sweet tea. A classic, Southern, Easter meal...and I was dying for the sweet tea because I hadn't had any since Ash Wednesday. In fact, I am sipping on a Chick-Fil-A sweet tea as I write this...I'd almost forgotten how much I loved it (ha!)...

(My family calls deviled eggs "heavenly" eggs because, when we were little, Daddy would say that nothing that good could come from the devil...it's one of my favorite family anecdotes)

After lunch, Hubby, Daddy, Tommy, and I went frolicking (yup, frolicking) around the front yard, hiding eggs in tree branches, bushes, windowsills, potted plants, and more. We had so many of them that, after a while, Dad just started tossing them out of the basket as he walked back towards the house. I was running around barefoot in my new green dress, a wilted flower bracelet on my wrist (which I made myself). I felt like I was nine years old again, once an avid tree-climber and lover of all things that allowed me to go without shoes or schedules. It was a perfect 86 degrees outside with enough breeze to keep us cool, and the little ones were soaking wet, having used my Dad's old tarp and waterhose to rig a homemade slip-n-slide. They were itching to get started on the search, and sort of went crazy when I told them I had hid one dollar bills in three of the eggs.

I understood then how a parent feels- as I watched those sweet children dash about- because I realized that I love my neices and nephews fiercely, like a mother would, and I longed for them to live in that happy moment forever. They were so precious- with their little legs, tangled hair, and multi-colored baskets swinging back and forth- as they giggled and ran and played. I was not content to sit on the porch and watch them; I wanted to be out there having fun, too! So I got up and wandered between them, dropping hints here and there about where the eggs might be hidden. Don't judge...you would have done it, too :).

And for your additional entertainment- just a little snack before you go- here's a photo of my (very masculine) Dad on Easter afternoon. Apparently someone told him to pose and, seeing as how he's holding a pretty, feminine woven basket, he chose to pop-and-lock and be a proper gentleman by holding out his left pinky. Ha!

If you look closely, you can see my brother and I
in the distance, searching for great egg hiding places!

Until next time,


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