And Today Was a Day Like Any Other

Hi friends!

Some of the more conservative female bloggers I follow like to periodically post what's called "The Simple Woman's Daybook", which is pretty much a cute way of telling readers a little bit about their lives at that very moment.

I am no simple woman. I love simple things- like iced coffee, making flower bracelets, playing chess- and, stripped down (I'm talking figuratively here, people, not literally), I've never grown away from all the things I loved to do- and wanted to do someday- when I was little: plant flowers, climb trees, nap on a hammock, find seashells on the beach, read good books, laugh, make sweet tea, kiss, write, sing, ride my bike, listen to all kids of music, and make tons of food for Hubby and myself. But I'm also a wife, a sister, a friend, an aunt, a daughter, a professional, an aspiring author, a student, a slave to the IRS, and many other sometimes gets in the way of being simple, so I'm going to follow this trend and show you all a little bit (more) about me.

Outside my window... it's cloudy and dark. After three days of massive thunderstorms here in Georgia, we're expecting the biggest one yet this evening. I actually LOVE storms, but I pray that this one will leave families and homes untouched.
I am thinking... about one message, in particular, that I can't wait to receive...details on this will have to wait, unfortunately, until after it arrives in my inbox.
I am thankful for... everything! In-laws who are letting us stay with them for a few weeks while we figure out our apartment/home situation, parents who help us pack, paint, and move, friends who make me laugh, iced caramel coffee, can't-stop-reading-until-you've-finished-the-whole-book stories, the Word and His grace, and good hair days.
From the kitchen... last night I made chicken alfredo penne pasta with zucchini and mushrooms. We devoured it while watching the premiere of "The Voice". Good show.
I am wearing... A black and white cotton dress, brown boyfriend cardigan, brown skinny belt, gladiator sandals, chandelier earrings and sparkly cuff. I feel like a cross between a kindergarten teacher and a first century Roman guard.
I am creating... memories.

I am reading... the Amazon home page on my Kindle. I just finished Heart of the Matter (go check out my review!) by Emily Giffin and Night Road by Kristin Hannah (wow!). Now I'm looking for something else to tickle my fancy.
I am hoping... for an easy move, safe travels in this weather for my friends and loved ones, some good news, and a request for pages of my novel!
Around the house... there are boxes everywhere. It's not pretty.
One of my favorite things... is sitting up on the kitchen counter, watching my husband proudly display his purchases from the grocery store (living in the 21st century certainly has it's advantages).
A few plans for the rest of the week... Packing. Cleaning. Moving. Wash, rinse, repeat...Oh! And shopping with my bff Jill(ian).
Until next time,


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