Two in One

Hello friends!

After I posted yesterday, I received a second (short) email from a second agent...and a second rejection. Two in one day! I'm sure it's not the record, but it certainly made me feel important.

I did a little thinking and I discovered that my query letter is just not cutting it. I would say that it's perfect, but it's also boring. If I were an agent and I were trying to read hundreds of letters a day to find that one little gem, I don't believe I would have acted very different (notice I said "very", and by that I mean I would have at least written their first and last name). My husband and I were laughing about it all, and he said to imagine the agent receiving my email on her Blackberry...she's scrolling through, looking for something to just pop off the page and, when it doesn't, she simply types a short message and moves on to the next one. When I thought it about the situation from that perspective, it changed the way I felt. It's just business, and I get it. It's completely subjective, and some days it depends on whether or not that particular agent has had his morning coffee, or if she fought with her spouse, or what the market is doing, or if the query really did just suck.

In my case, I don't think my letter sucks. In fact, I'm pretty sure that it follows the guidelines for a query letter perfectly...but that just might be the problem. It's boring. And my story is not...not by any stretch of the imagination. So I need to take a chance and get a little risky (more so than entrusting a year's work to agents you've never met) because no one is going to believe it's a great story unless I do.


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