It's a perfect day with nothing standin' in my way

Hi friends!

Yesterday was a good day.

At times, work gets me down. I try to find meaning in the smallest things because I know that I am blessed to have a full-time job when so many others have nothing (or they're working multiple part-time positions, which is exhausting and stressful), but it can be a daunting task. I have always believed there is honor in doing your job well, and having integrity even if others (and especially those above you) do not. But, as I said, sometimes it can be much easier to get frustrated, vent, sigh, and half-ass the work day. On days like this it's tough to go home, even though it's all I want to do (!), because then I feel like I am wasting what I've been given.

The last three weeks have been tough: tired each day from little sleep, grumpy from being tired, and not quite as on top of things as normal. I've been attempting to go at each day as though I need no one else, as though the Holy Spirit is just hanging out in my chest cavity, like a parrot in a cage, mocking my complaints and offering no real advice. This sentiment could not be further from the truth...and I have been acting as though turning to the Lord is an obligation, another task to check off the list. When I stop to realize how much time I waste trying to do everything on my own strength, I am ashamed of myself! I am equipped with the Spirit of the Living God! I am, literally, capable of anything...but only through Him. The days when I get up and read the Word, sipping on a sweet cup of coffee before going to work, are always my best days. And that is certainly no coincidence. So why is it so hard to do that every day when I have NO DOUBT that it's worth my effort?

Because I'm sleepy, that's why. It's a perpetual cycle and it will only stop once I break it. I have full faith that I will operate better when I am offering up my day to the Lord and allowing Him to move me. I'll probably get things done more efficiently, which means a better schedule, a better sleeping pattern, and, TA-DA! no hitting the snooze button four times in a row.

So now that I've gotten all that out of the way, let me tell you why I had such a good day yesterday.

I decided to stay a bit late to help a co-worker with a presentation that is coming up this weekend (ah, the life of a manager!), and it felt really good to be able to encourage her about the work she's doing. We've had a few little issues, which I was afraid had kind of shoved a wedge between us, but after going over all her questions yesterday, I felt like God had really prepared our hearts to hear one another. It was such a blessing to feel appreciated, and I'm sure she felt the same. I went home with a smile on my face, even after leaving more than an hour later than normal, and the rest of my night followed suit.

The hubby had gone grocery shopping while I was at work and he bought some of my favorite things. I love to eat, and I love food, so I'm not hard to please and he always knows what will make me smile (like peach cobbler, for example, or two boxes of Kraft Deluxe Macaroni and Cheese...heaven!). I watched him unpack the groceries, displaying his purchases for me like a little kid in art class, and I fell in love with him again. I love the simple, easy moments we have together, and our silly adoration for domesticity.

After show-and-tell, I made myself a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios for dinner and went to work ripping apart two packages I had received in the mail. The first contained a hand-written letter from author Shannon Hart, thanking me for reading her book and telling me where I can go online to post any reviews I might like to add. I recently won her novel Until the End of Forever in the Chick Lit Plus Challenge, so I thought this was a very sweet treat (and a smart move on the part of a new author trying to promote her work and garner new fans). The second package was my copy of Love Struck, which I'll be reviewing for author Chantel Simmons in May. Mrs. Simmons had also included a hand-written note with her book, thanking me for hosting her on the blog tour. I was giddy! Not least because I love to receive snail mail (with real penmanship and super-adorable stationary!), but also because I was holding letters from two published authors. It made me feel like I was truly a part of their community, and I am so grateful to them for including me.

And to top off my wonderful day, I got a full eight hours of sleep...and it shows. It's incredible what a good night's rest will do for your face!


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