Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hi friends!

Hope you've got your green on (I don't!). I'm heading down tonight to Savannah for the St. Paddy's celebration on River Street with my cousin, Brittany. We've never taken a trip alone together (even a short 3-hour one to a city we've both lived in/near and LOVE) because, growing up, it was either with our parents or, as adults, we were too busy and lived on opposite sides of the state. I know I've been looking forward to this trip for months (and even though my hubby and I have no idea where we'll be living when we move next weekend, I'm sure that God will provide what we need!), and Brittany has come up with a excellent road-trip mix for the two of us, celebrating some of our all-time (old-school 90s) favorites:

Backstreet Boys
No Doubt
Amy Grant
KC & JoJo
Mariah Carey...and many more!

I'm just so darn excited, I have a severe case of want-to-leave-work-itis (is there another less confusing name for that?). Unfortunately, on my lunch break I have to post three assignments to Blackboard, call Promove about the townhomes we're looking at, and squeeze in some time with Love Struck (oh yeah, and eat lunch!). It's all for the sake of going on a mini-vacation with one of my most favorite cousins.


I got the official word a few hours ago that the Mayfield book shipment has finally arrived! I get my copies next week (as soon as I find a moment between packing, filling out application fees, working, and homework). Be prepared for tons of pictures and happy smiles!

More good news: Jordan Christy posted on her blog about her interview here with ABC! It's from January (I have no idea how I missed it since I subscribe to her blog), but here it is if you want to check it out! It's short and sweet, but a mention nonetheless and I am stoked about it! Thanks Jordan for sharing the love!

Have a wonderful, safe St. Patrick's Day weekend. Drink a mug of green beer and (don't) pinch someone!


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