Don't be a bandwagoner...

Hi friends!

Last night I went to the Hawks game with my hubby. It was sad. Why?

Because more than half of the arena was there to cheer on the Chicago Bulls. I would say the decibel level only rose to a hearty pitch to either jeer at our team (yes, my fellow Atlantans...that team with the Hawks emblem is ours) or to cheer when Joakim Noah scored yet another three-pointer. He's an impressive player, no doubt about it. But he's not our player. There is nothing I hate more than citizens of Atlanta cheering for another team simply because they're popular. Get with it, people, or get out. I'll help you move, in fact, if you promise to learn what the word "loyalty" means, mmk?

This is not a bovine. Go take biology if you're confused!

There, I'm done.

Well, I'm off my soapbox, anyway.

Moving on to more important things: I have updates on upcoming blog tours and such. Jessica Chambers, author of Voices on the Waves (set on the coast of Cornwall...I think I'm in love already!), will be stopping by on Monday, May 2nd for a guest post here on ABC to talk about her journey into e-book publishing. Please make her feel welcome with lots of lovely comments! I'll be posting my review of Cassandra O'Sullivan's Little Miss Teacher on June 24th, and I'm working with Samantha over at Chick Lit Plus to schedule guest posts with both the former and Chantel Simmons. Be on the lookout for those! I promise to post a final schedule of those once I receive it.

Secondly, and perhaps not quite as exciting, I received my fifth query rejection today! That's just one step closer to a book request, my friends. I've really got high hopes for the last one I sent out this morning...

Until next time,



Christy Curley said...

That's so cool that you're communicating with all these authors! Good luck on your last query letter. Praying for some good news... :)

What is a Contradiction? said...

Thanks girl!