'Cause I May Be Bad, But I'm Perfectly Good At It!

Hello friends!

Please tell me you got out this weekend (if you live around Atlanta) and enjoyed this beautiful spring weather! My cousin, Brittany, and my husband and I went house hunting on Saturday. It wasn't quite the success we'd hoped it would be (and we're moving in two weeks with no place to live yet!), but it was still a lovely day.

Just to clarify, the title of this post is a tongue-in-cheek response to how good I'm getting at being rejected. The last few weeks have presented me with the highs and lows of trying to turn my writing into a profession, and it feels appropriate for what I've experienced recently.

On the one hand, I now have three author interviews lined up (provided I first complete my reviews here on ABC), and I'm still very happy to say that I have a completed novel sitting on my desk at home. I'm proud of myself for what I have accomplished in such a short span of time...

But on the other hand, I've received a total of three rejections for my query letter (the last of which was from the Query Shark herself, and was actually so polite and encouraging that I have read it four times to remind myself just how capable I am), and I'm still waiting on five others. It's been two weeks, and I have four weeks left until I can officially assume that "no response means 'no'".

I'm not a bad writer. In fact, there are times I'm sure my regard for my own skill is higher than it probably should be, but that's what I'm supposed to do! I'm supposed to behave as though my writing is important somehow, and that it's going to positively influence others when it's finally published. In the meantime, I'm happy to say that I'm perfectly good at being bad, which is to imply that I'm okay with the rejections...for now...

This week I'm back to reading a ton for my classes, but we're nearing the end of the semester. Four classes down and six to go! By spring of next year I will have my Master's in Liberal Studies and thousands more in student loans...hooray! In addition, I've got to finish three novels (one I purchased, another I won in the Chick Lit Plus Challenge, and one for my author interview), so things are pretty busy at the moment. But I'm happy! Tomorrow I'm going to write a review for a historical romance I just finished reading called Island of the Swans by Ciji Ware. I'm literally in LOVE with that book. I re-read the whole last chapter just so I wouldn't have to be finished with it!

Until then,


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