This is my excited face...

Hi friends,

Well, this has just been one heckuva week! First, if you read my last post, you know that I will soon have the chance to host another author here on ABC: Chantel Simmons. That piece of news alone was enough to make my whole week. But there's more...

Last night, I discovered that my second article, entitled "Putting the 'Class' in Classy", for Susie Magazine has finally been published! I submitted it last year, in the early springtime, and it kept being pushed back for space, design, and various other reasons. In September sometime I spoke to Susie Shellenberger herself, the creator of Susie (no, Wendi, you don't say?), and she divulged that my article would be featured in their February 2011 issue. At the time I was over the moon, but I had since forgotten about it, what with traveling to California, changing job schedules, and the craziness of life in general. But then...I remembered. Last night, as I was Googling random topics, I remembered that I had forgotten, which is always fun because it's like a surprise (right???). I looked up the archives of Susie Magazine on their homepage and voila! There it was in all its printed glory. After reading it three times, I posted it to Facebook to await my congratulatory messages (thanks guys!). This, my friends, is the life of a writer.

Today I realized that, while I didn't finish my novel edits in time for my Sunday evening deadline (self-imposed, mind you), I have completed enough of them to have it out by Friday. In fact, I could have it out tomorrow, but I am so paranoid that I simply have to read through the whole thing one more time to triple-quadruple-check for errors. But knowing the exact date is such a relief to me.

And that's not all...

Just a few minutes ago, I opened an email from my former boss over at the publishing company where I completed my internship in September. He informed that he had just received the first copies of The Mayfield Family Story: my very first book! As you know, back in December I was told the printing had been postponed, but it turns out that it wasn't put off quite as long as I feared. Praise Jesus! I cannot wait to get my hands on that damn thing and cry like a little girl when I see my name in the front matter. And to my close friends and family who have brithdays in the next few months (Daddy, Brittany, Tommy, Mamer, Beth, Maddie, and Jillian): I have your birthday present!

My first published book!

I have to go work out tonight and eat a sensible dinner (woot, woot), so, please, celebrate with me and have a margarita in my honor.


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