Hi friends!

Can someone please tell me why it's so gosh-darn difficult to get used to a new schedule? I have been working from 9-6 for a month now and, still, my body hates me. I get ready for bed at 10:00 p.m. and try to get to sleep by eleven, but it's inevitable that, at some point during the night, my cat will start meowing like she's dying a slow death, my dog will rattle her crate or pace the (hardwood) floors, or my husband will start snoring (sometimes I get lucky and get the snoring AND his restless leg at the same time!). I have nowhere to go in our tiny studio apartment for a reprieve from the sounds, and when I'm tired I get emotional. I mean really emotional. Like crying-and-yelling-because-my-blood-pressure-is-through-the-roof emotional. Poor hubby. He's so patient and kind but, unlike me, he can actually function on less than seven hours of sleep. I would prefer eight or nine, if you don't mind. I feel as though I've been perpetually exhausted for the last year, and I've never had a hard time sleeping before. I guess I put so much pressure on it every night that it prevents me from relaxing and winding down (even when I've been reading under the covers for half an hour). I suppose this means I should be getting to bed earlier so when it takes me two hours to pass out it's not after midnight. But then there's the issue of actually staying asleep...

P.S. Does anyone else dislike the Internal Revenue Service? Yes? Just checking.

Yesterday I did have a happier moment when I printed out the final draft of my query letter. I did some last-minute edits on it (again) and actually added information about the particular agent I wanted to query, which is always a plus. You can't turn in a query addressed to "Ms. Agent"! Not I am looking forward to the moment these queries are out out OUT of my hands! I just have to get them all addressed, packaged, and stamped. I have this terrible nightmare where I send out the wrong query to the wrong agent and they send me a form I'm sure I'll be double-checking each address with each letterhead before they get dropped into the mailbox.

And then I'll wait...=)

Time for lunch!



Christy Curley said...

Congrats on your query letters! I can't wait until I can buy one of your books! :) Hope you get some rest soon!!

Jo said...

I didn't know my bro has restless legs too! Maybe Alban won't feel like he is with a crazy once he learns of this.

What is a Contradiction? said...

Yes, he does! Sometimes it's worse than others...but Alban is not alone!