Beautiful People: A Review

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It's looking beautiful out here in Atlanta, and I am pumped about spending this gorgeous weekend with family and friends. I'm completely over the cold weather, if you haven't noticed. HATE. IT. Hate it.

Today I have my second book review for you to check out as a part of the Chick Lit Plus Reading Challenge. I'm loving this time to spend chewing through new novels (some debut authors and some just new to me) and I'm already working on my next choice for March.

For February, I chose (as you can see) Beautiful People by Wendy Holden. What a fun read! Wendy is British and she grew up just a stone's throw away from the home of the Bronte sisters, so I already knew I would love her...I hope you will too!

Beautiful People: My 100 Word Summary

Glamorous and sexy, Beautiful People is a pastiche of sorts, with a voice that switches back and forth between characters, sometimes within the same paragraph, and gives us many different perspectives. It works well because it's all in the third person, so I never got confused about who the narrator was. It was me! We see reluctant movie stars, arrogant politicians, insecure, wealthy spoil-sports, kind-hearted nannies, and cut-throat agents. I was afraid this would turn into the type of story that seems stolen from an assembly line of glittery, Hollywood novels, but each character was connected to one another in unexpected and wonderful ways, and so I devoured it happily.

Beautiful People: What I Think

There were moments when the sex turned from hot to not with the snap of a finger...or a rather cheesy description. I can't help but cringe at words like "groin" and "shaft" because they remind me of the Harlequin novels I used to pick up from the Wal-Mart shelves when I was a pubescent girl; the ones I used to stare at in wonder because I couldn't imagine that sex really looked like a pirate on steroids and a fair lady with her blouse hanging open. Thankfully, Beautiful People stops short of the category romance novels and does itself a favor by giving us a picture of what Hollywood (and I'm speaking in terms of the movie industry in general because the story bounces from L.A. to London to Florence) probably looks like in terms of those actors who really want to do well, and those who are just there to get their picture in the glossies. I loved Emma- the sweet, gentle nanny who wanted to take care of the world- and Darcy for her passion for food and all things luxurious. I appreciated them for their desire to move past traditional expectations (i.e. barely-present, stuck up nannies and shrieking size-zero actresses), even while they made mistakes.

The real meat of the story is not until about halfway in because the first 150 pages are just introduction to setting and characters. And there are A LOT of characters. But they each serve a purpose and, while I think it was a bit too long, Beautiful People is a great read for someone who's spending a week at the beach with nothing more than a bikini and a margarita.


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