Oh happy day!

Hello dear friends!

Within four days, ABC has jumped from 7 followers to 12! Thanks so much for your support! =)

I have a good deal to catch up on. Work has been swamped since Monday, so forgive my absence. I'm caught in the middle of finishing Winter Garden, editing my novel, visiting with friends, working, budgeting, and I'm going to Borders this afternoon to pick up Life After Yes. I can't wait to get started on the Chick Lit Plus Reading Challenge!

In addition, one of my followers, Christy, who is an old GSU pal, suggested that I take a peek at her grandfather's blog yesterday. He has been a ghostwriter for years and, apparently, has tons of his own published work as well. I just love love love finding out about interesting people and he is certainly one of them. Plus, I have this belief that the elderly have much to teach us about life, so we should pay attention when they speak up...or blog! Frankly, I find it quite cute that grandmothers and grandfathers are Facebooking, Tweeting, blogging, and so on. And I don't say that to be condescending...it just makes my day when I sign on to Facebook and I have a new comment from my Nannie that reads "Hey darling! I love you a whole backyard full!" See what I mean?

I don't have much more to say except for that, besides being insanely/crazy busy, these last few days have been filled with love and laughter and joy and I praise God for His continued blessings.

Now I'm going to go enjoy my sweet tea.



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Christy Curley said...

Thanks for the shout out! :) My grandpa seems younger than my parents sometimes because he's so healthy and vibrant, so I hardly ever think of him as old. But I do like seeing older folks on facebook. So many people in the younger crowd hate it and think it should still be limited to college kids, but I think it's a wonderful way to keep family connected!